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Glass industry

  • fibre glass winding machines
  • glass furnace control, sheathing glass production lines control

Textile industry

  • over 300 systems
  • fibre glass twiners, fibre glass air jet looms, batching machines, finishing lines, fabric length measurement


Semiconductor industry

  • approx. 140 systems
  • diffusion furnace control, flow meters, operation of ion implantator

Chemical industry

  • approx. 20 systems
  • visualisation and control of chemical process

Single-purpose machines

  • approx. 100 systems
  • control of grinding machines, drilling machines, boring machines, milling machines, hydraulic power shears, press brakes, control of machine tools, control of manipulators, control of slitter of metal foil, control of treater of metal foil
  • control of pressboard machines, control of drying machines

Testing lines and devices

  • over 50 systems
  • testing lines in AUTO Skoda Mlada Boleslav, pipe fittings testing lines, overloading measurement in a testing aircraft

Air-conditioning, heating and frigorific plants

  • more than 500 systems
  • air-conditioning control, air-conditioning units control in the railways, heating plant control, cooling machine room control

Collection and transmission of data

  • approx. 150 systems
  • collection and transmission of data on air-conditioning units in the Czech Telecom exchanges

Monitoring and regulation of electricity consumption

  • over 50 systems

Instrumentation technology

  • exhaust-gas analyzer, baby incubator, anaesthetic ventilator, pump for liquid chromatography

Other implementations

  • poultry farm control, barrel and bottle washing line control, kaolin dryers, tile printing, bread production line control, wine ripening tank control, control of loading at stone quarry
  • automated ticked machines and many other applications