Development electronics

SofCon disposes of good technological background and highly experienced researchers and developers, who can offer the customers the full range of services on the ground of projection, production and testing of electronics components and devices.
The SofCon services also cover problems analysing, scheme design, PCB design, design of mechanical construction of products, construction of functional samples and prototypes, making technical documentation, including testing documentation, procuring the production, testing and distribution.
There are another considerable services to the customers, like firmware development, development of program for gate-array, activating, testing and conducting all relevant tests including issuing the certificates.
Due to the long-standing experiences in development and production of its own control systems and their components, SofCon offers suggestions and supplies of instrumentation, electronics items and embedded systems, mostly based on x86 and x51 processors. Furthermore the components for digital and analogue signal processing, used for technological measuring and controlling, industrial terminals, communication modules, cards for PC104 and more.
SofCon is also well experienced in controlling of step-motors, processing of analogue signals - temperature measuring (thermocouples), resistance sensors, pressure measuring, strain gauges etc.
The whole development and production are according to ISO 9001 norm.