PC system assistance


Mixture of communication libraries LIB_COM for PC, Deplhi enviroment, Libraries: Chn, ChnCom, ChnLecom, ChnMBox, ChnMod2, Chnprt, CHNSMS, Chntypes, ChnVirt, Crc16, NumToStr, Timer, TimerOld, USMS, uString, XOR8



LPT PC-KIT Driver for W2k



ISA PC-KIT driver for Windows 2000. It allows to use DOS applications, written in Bordal Pascal/RETOS and using a direct access to the ports, on PC with operating systems as: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows NT etc.



Installation of Windows operating system and other software into the process unit PCU01



Application for touch-screen control of the TOUCH55. It converts the orders from the touch screen into the standard mouse orders.