Software development

SofCon employs highly experienced software engineers, who are able to analyse and solve any tasks in the area of industrial automation (measuring and controlling of technological processes, measuring and controlling of special-purpose machines, instrumental firmware, visualisation tasks - group of programs ThePrince, communication and data collection),tasks connected with process data integration, system tasks and components from field of operation systems etc.
SofCon uses following platforms for above mentioned application development:
- o.s. Microsoft Windows XP/Vista for PC applications
- o.s. Microsoft XP Embedded for embedded applications (visualisation, remote access etc.)
- o.s. Linux for embedded applications
- realtime o.s. OnTime for control embedded applications
- o.s. DOS and own realtime system for older applications
SofCon uses environments like C++ , Delphi, BP, Assembler and languages which correspond with IEC 61131-3 norm (ST, LD) .