image Processor unit with passive cooling

PCU04 is a processor unit, fitted with low power processor with passive cooling. It consists of 3.5" processor board with integrated peripheries (graphic card, USB, Ethernet, RS232, RS232/RS422/RS485, LPT, port for keyboard and mouse, VGA, ...). The precise number of peripheries is given by PCU version and depends on type of processor board. The unit can be fitted by processor VIA EDEN 667 MHz or 1 GHz or Celeron M800 MHz and completed by 2,5"HD and by up to two CompactFlash memories. If there is a galvanic insulated RS485 (RS232) communication required, the unit can be fitted with up to two RS232/RS485 (RS232/RS232) converters. There is also an output connector 12VDC/3A, which can be used for supplying of external display unit. The PCU04 unit is equipped with WatchDog and with real time clock.

Big advantage of the processor unit is the passive cooling, which warrants high durability in industrial environment.

The unit is standardly supplied without operating system, or with operating system Windows XP, Windows XP Embedded, Linux.

Files to download

PCU04.10 data sheet 0104_pcu04.10_V1a_EN.pdf English 346.4 kB
01_04_pcu04.04_EN 01_04_pcu04.04_EN.pdf English 165.5 kB
Data sheet PCU04.03 01_04_pcu04.03_EN.pdf English 162.5 kB
01_04_pcu04.02_EN 01_04_pcu04.02_en.pdf English 166.2 kB