image High performance processor unit with passive cooling with no rotary elements, providing noiseless operation (at request only).

PCU03 is an unit, where is an inbuilt processor board and graphic card of high performance.

For elimination of rotary elements is there used CompactFlash with operation system XP Embedded. At customer's request is the CF supplied with application SW. For data storing can be used another CF.

The cooling of the unit is provided by heat transfer, using heat tubes, leadind from power elements to cooling elements on the side of the rack.

PCU03 is supplied by 230 VAC. It contains a power supply and a cooler for every single component built in the unit. Further, it contains a processor board with integrated peripheries, VGA and a CF for a system placement.

There can be connected to the unit a keyboard, a mouse, a display unit from TOUCH5x series with touchscreen, or another type of display unit.

PCU03 processor unit can be placed in control room.